Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
I mentioned the the VBZ Manifesto on Mastodon a few days ago, and someone offered to help with it, so I thought I should try to summarize the current situation and needs.

Unfortunately, this quickly got over 500 characters... and then two toots wasn't enough... so I thought I should explain here on Hubzilla instead.

Overall I've been kinda fighting software fires on multiple fronts for way too long now and only having tiny snippets of time in which to make progress -- so the main problem is my lack of ability to organize my life. >.>

My current mid-range goal is to get the vbz.net store back in operation. The code is original and open source (some documentation); I'm currently fixing the shopping cart component, which has been a chronic sticky point. If anyone out there had the time and energy to delve into some fairly complex PHP code, I'd be happy to work with them on that.

(Bragging point: it uses no JavaScript, and is consequently really fast. ...well, ok, there's one page that uses JS, for a topic tree. But that's all.)

After that there's some legal paperwork (mostly reincorporation) to do and development of the marketplace and federation modules.

I do know a few coders who would be interested in helping, but they're struggling with money issues which makes it difficult to focus on coding for any length of time. Income for them would help with this, and I expect the store will eventually start bringing in some income which I could then use to pay coders, but obviously that's kind of a Catch-22. Financially I'm in a situation where I have almost enough to live on, but consequently I can't really afford to pay anyone more than a pittance (and just managing that situation takes a lot of my time as well).

More immediately: Right now I'm engaged in mortal combat with Apache, which refuses to run PHP 7.2 on one domain while running it just fine for another domain on the same server. You'd think that copying over the site parameters would solve the problem, but no -- that just makes Apache deliver PHP code as text files instead. This has taken down one of my other major projects, Issuepedia, so it's kind of my top focus item at the moment (I've been trying to fix it for weeks now, off and on).

There are lots of other projects on the back-burner which I can't even start on until this is resolved, so just... aaaaaa.

Please feel free to ask questions, offer ideas, etc. ^.^

(pic below: open orders page in vbz's admin area)