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Posted by the TweetCord bot in the PaperDemon server yesterday (I started typing this yesterday, but then busyness happened):

Hi guys. Developer of Tweetcord here.

As some of you might've noticed, streams stopped working some time late last night. This is because Twitter put an end to the old Stream API, which is what Tweetcord used. Keep in mind the Stream API is 100% free, or well.. it used to be.

The replacement, a webhook-based solution, costs roughly $12 per user (250 streams = $2900).
This would mean running Tweetcord would cost me close to $15000 (fifteen thousand) dollars a month, increasing with $600 every week (assuming Tweetcord's growth is linear).

So that's where we're at. I have zero intention of supporting a platform as egotistical and selfish as what Twitter now has become, and so, by the time you're reading this.. the bot has been officially shut down. Forever.

For more information on the topic, please visit http://apps-of-a-feather.com/.

# BreakingMyTwitter

(...and in case there's any discussion on Hubzilla: #BreakingMyTwitter)

This is why social media needs to be not controlled by profit-motivated people.

(<refrains from launching into related rant>)