Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
Yet another item in the long list of small problems with MediaWiki:

I'm trying to move a set of pages from one place to another. I've created a template to link to members of that set -- so when I've moved the pages, I just have to change the template instead of going to each page and updating the link(s) on that page.

(Yes, I could just create redirects -- but those tend to become double-redirects, i.e. broken, over time.)

I can get a list of all the pages where the template is used -- but not a list of all the actual target pages to which those pages link, which is probably a much smaller number.

I guess I can search for all the page titles that match the template... but that seems crude.

There's also no way (without checking all the "what links here" results) to see if any of those pages are linking directly to a page I want to move, rather than going through the template.

I may just have to risk (probably) killing some internal links, because I don't have the time to check each one properly.

The way it should really work is that once a page exists, any links to it should refer to its unique ID rather than its title (aka location), at least by default. (I can imagine that being able to link explicitly to a title could still be useful, but it would be an edge case.)