Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
As noted elsewhere, I was unexpectedly high-functioning on my first day of driving after SRS.

(I haven't posted about this much at all on Hubzilla, so for those in the Zotiverse reading this: I've been transitioning to female for just over a year now, and had SRS 19 days ago.)

I'm not actually supposed to be driving until Wednesday at the earliest ("3-4 weeks" was the directive from my surgeon), but I've been healing ridiculously well also and Harena is recovering from a cold -- so I drove her to her lab appointment this morning, then to lunch, then home... and we were out of staple foods for the ex-kids (who don't drive yet), so I needed to go to Funny Girl Farm to get eggs and bacon and to Costco for some other things -- and while I was there I thought I'd pick up our prescriptions, and I thought I should get Nissa charged back up again finally and take her for a spin...

The following things then happened:
  • went to charge up Nissa - found battery was at 0.0 volts, charger thought it was disconnected and wouldn't even attempt to charge
  • got out ratchet wrenches, removed battery, put it in Kestracel (primary car)
  • drove to Funny Girl Farm -- closed on Mondays, oops
  • decided to go straight to Costco rather than going home first as originally planned; did this without any sense of panic or despair
  • ...oh wait, Sears first to get a new battery (it's, like, one month from end of warranty, so if Nissa killed it again -- as her electrical system is wont to do -- I'll take my lumps)
  • ...where they said they'd need to test it, should take about an hour, can we have a phone number
  • ...so I gave them my cellphone number, again without any sense of panic or dread about receiving a phone call while doing other stuff, and headed over to Costco
  • got gas at Costco
  • ordered prescriptions refill for Harena and self; did not panic about having to do not only a prescrip for someone else but also two of them at once
  • ordered pizza for The Hypertwin Gang
  • did shopping; apparently did not forget anything (and also found organic eggs, negating the need for a stop by the Co-op on the way back... and got some roast chicken for H, who needs to avoid gluten)
  • found that although my prescrip was ready, H's was not; made decision to get them both simultaneously after checking out, did not panic or vacillate about making this decision
  • paid for groceries, took them to car, put everything properly in insulating bags
  • went back in and picked up prescrips
  • ...and pizza
  • ...except that Sears called while I was waiting for the pizza and said that the old battery was fine and I could come pick it up, and we had a conversation about timing and I didn't panic and I gave them accurate information about when I was likely to be able to pick it and I didn't feel terrible afterwards
  • ...and then I got the pizza and decided I could swing by Sears on the way back, so I did that and picked up the battery (no charge for the charge)
  • ...and even though I don't often drive home from there, again I did not panic about having to figure out how to get home and actually ended up taking a pretty sensible route...
  • ...which took me right past the Co-op, but did not panic or second-guess myself about this happening
  • Got home and requested help unloading without feeling guilty.
So... I'm just wondering if this is The New Order of Things, or if I was just going off mental energy I've been storing up over the past few weeks. I'd think that usually I'd be feeling more timid than usual, being out of my routine and so on, so I tend to think it isn't stored-up energy... and I've been feeling somewhere between emotionally-muted and tranquil since waking up from the anaesthetic, so I think I'm more inclined to say this is something to do with that.

...oh, and I did all that wearing my "Transition" shirt:

After finishing the pizza, I installed the battery and cranked Nissa to make sure everything was ok (it was, except I need to top off the steering fluid again) -- and then left one of the terminals disconnected in case it's awhile before I can drive her again.