Woozle Hypertwin
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Hubzilla doesn't yet seem to have any way of embedding iframe content, else I'd do that and you'd see a player and track list here... but Rough Draughts is now also available on BandCamp, with a substantially improved track sequence and cover artwork for some of the tracks.

Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
Like a graying hound from the smoldering pits of heck, my first album hath been released unto an unsuspecting world!

It should be on all the major services -- here's what I have so far:
-- let me know if you can't find it on your preferred service.
Rough Draughts is my first official release. Some of these songs have been literally decades in the making. I wrote "Losing All My Organs" in 1998; the first verse for "Your Brilliant Career" was written by Tigger in 1985, and the piano and vocal tracks were recorded (on an analog deck) in 1992. No, I don't consider either of those finished...
Originally, I just wanted to see how I could get some of my music on Spotify (because it had been recommended to me), and it looked complicated and I almost threw up my hands and moved on to something else, but my extracranial headmate @juniper looked into the options and found out I could submit stuff to this service called "Ditto Music"... and I ended up putting together an album of stuff I've recorded since 2001 or so and submitting it... and here we are.

None of these recordings would have been possible without ongoing support (emotional, moral, and otherwise) from my hypertwin, @Harena Atria.