Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
== 1998 ==

Me: Hey everybody, we need to start using the world wide web to interact and organize!

World: <crickets>

== 2005 ==

World: WTF, George W. Bush got re-elected. <discovers blogging>

== ~2007 ==

Your Relatives and Classmates: Ohai, Facebook is cool.

== 2011 ==

Me: Wow, Google+ has potential but it needs a lot of work and Google needs to listen more to its users.

Google+ users: Yep. Some of us are leaving.

Google management: <insert propaganda here>

Google+ users: ...and now more of us are leaving.

Me: Hey everybody, we need to be exploring federated social media! Diaspora, Friendica?

World: <mostly crickets>

== 2017 ==

World: Hey, we need to be exploring federated social media because online harassment Nazis and general idiocy! How about Mastodon?

Me: Cool! But let's also keep looking for (or building) federated full-featured social networks, too, because Mastodon is more like Twitter than FB/G+ and we still need places like that.

World: <shrug>

Me: Oh hey, here's this Hubzilla thing that looks like it's tolerably usable and replicates a lot of the functionality of G+/FB, and I don't mean just the posting streams. It's got all kinds of stuff.

World: <crickets>

Tune in next week for another exciting episode...

(I hope this doesn't come across as bitter or anything; it's just how this process has felt.)