Woozle Hypertwin
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So, this was a thing...

Note that both bathrooms were single-occupancy -- the women's room was a single toilet (as reported by @Harena Atria), and men's room was also a single toilet and a single urinal, in a large room with no internal walls.

I'm open for theories as to how this is not actually directed at trans women.

I mean, taken at face value, a trans woman would say "oh, this is ok -- I'm not a man, so I can use this" -- but there's all this TERF propaganda out there which has people believing that trans women are men and cannot ever be women, and are in fact probably just wanting to use the women's room for nefarious purposes, so the person who wrote this sign may have been going on the basis of that belief.

Why is it so hard to just say "this one has a urinal, this one doesn't -- use which ever one suits you"?

found at: New Thornburg Citgo, Woodford, VA