Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
As discussed on Mastodon some time ago, I've become leery of the "dystopian future" trope in popular fiction -- especially where it seems to be supplanting hope for any real improvement. We're increasingly living in a dystopian future, however benign it may seem in some ways; those of us who choose to stay informed are all too aware of the risks we're running by continuing on this path, and the people whose lives are being harmed and destroyed by what is already happening. We despair of ever coming to a better place again. While many of us have ideas about how we can help improve things, we lack a shared vision of what a positive future might look like, given where we are at present.

I've also noted that it would be nice if there were a libre fictiverse -- a fictional universe that was freely available for anyone to write for, to present in film, audio, or whatever other formats they want, and to profit from that work however they like without having to get a license from a copyright holder.

For example, there have been dozens or even hundreds of fan-produced Star Trek films, often of studio quality (certainly exceeding the production values of the original series) -- but the fans who produce these works are not allowed to exchange copies or viewings for money, and the corporate owners of the various key pieces of Star Trek "intellectual property" keep a tight leash on what they are allowed to do, backed by occasional threats of legal action.

Given as well the dystopian nature of many recent Star Trek novels -- which completely negates the whole point of Trek and is something I could write about at greater length -- the time seems ripe to combine the two: create a fictiverse with an optimistic view of the future that is available for everyone to build on however they wish.

I've got some worldbuilding ideas (and maybe stories) I plan to post, but others should feel free to run with any of it in whatever direction they wish. Fork on!