Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
@Harena said something in a chat about being too ADD to be able to focus on paperwork like wills and so forth, and this popped into my head.

~~ ADD Last Will and Testament ~~
I, [ your name here ], being of sound mind and body most days but then there was last week where I was just totally out to lunch and I had this like sore-throat-sinus thing and I went looking for some vitamin C but couldn't find it and ended up cleaning the entire kitchen which of course just made me sicker so I went and lay down and had this superweird dream about, like, a telescope on the moon for looking at people on earth and somehow it could see into people's heads but only at night, and half the dream was about other people's dreams. ...what were you asking, again?
~~ END ~~
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