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I gather there's a way in Hubzilla to set up the equivalent of Google+ Communities. Does anyone know of a how-to guide for that? I have some vague idea that it involves setting up another profile for the community, but I'm not at all sure of the details.

Thanks in advance!
Gregory P. Smith
 from Diaspora
Public communities on Diaspora seem centered around #hashtags and following those in order to follow "the" community.

Really not the same, but does work for order to form out of chaos as it did on Flickr and Twitter where tags really seemed to take off last decade.
Select Channel Manager from the top left menu. Click the button to create a new channel. Pick one of the Forum options to make a forum-type channel, and fill out the info.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
@Woozle Hypertwin - your profile menu's channel manager lets you create extra channels, and upon creation you can choose between different forum styles, e.g private and public.

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via Valkyrie
ed_hong@pluspora.comed_hong@pluspora.com wrote the following post Sun, 10 Feb 2019 01:47:14 -0500

Freedom Dividends

YANG: Something along those lines. We tested a bunch of names and then when you had the word “freedom” in it, then all of a sudden testing shot up among self-identified conservatives. They hated “universal basic income,” hated “prosperity dividend,” all of a sudden “freedom dividend” is like “ding ding ding!”

DUBNER: What about progressives, liberals, Democrats?

YANG: Progressives, liberals, Democrats liked it no matter what the name was.

Maybe that's what we should do with climate change. Call it something that conservatives can rally behind, as they don't seem to care what the concept behind the name is.

#governance #politics #progressive #economics

 from Diaspora
They'd only go for "climate terrorism" if it means they can bomb brown people for their oil.
Riley Faelan
What, sending TSA agents to examine inbound hurricanes for deadly weapons such as lawn furniture hidden in them is not good enough?
Woozle Hypertwin
...or more than 2.7 ounces of fluid.

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Just to reiterate the obvious: we shouldn't be discussing a better way to do something stupid. We should be not doing the stupid thing in the first place. We don't need a frickin' border wall. Will people please stop taking right-wing mob psychology seriously, plzokthx?
Trump's wall: How tech fills the gaps


Camera-laden towers and underground sensors plug the gaps in the existing US-Mexico border fence.
Woozle Hypertwin
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One of the primary jobs of government is (or should be) to protect the weak from the strong.

Government should never protect the strong from the weak.

 from Diaspora
Anyway, sorry for sending this discussion off to the side.

Getting to the main point...

My philosophy is that the government should address needs where addressing them via government is better than addressing them via non-governmental means. The criteria for determining where government is "better" is up for debate and refinement, but that's my overarching principle.

Sometimes, that means the best solution is some sort of universal protection net.

On a more fundamental level, I believe that the society (which includes the government as well as everything else) should serve all, and that does include the wealthy and already privileged.

Right now, the problem is that society has been generally going in the wrong direction on this since Reagan - increasingly increasing the lopsided-ness of serving the wealthy and privileged at the expense of everyone else.
 from Diaspora
People who are strong don't need to exploit others to live. It's insulting that you'd try to equate a filthy rich scam artist with a doctor doing charity work in a third world country. So no, you shouldn't consider them different types of strength. One is strength of character, resolve, and compassion. The other is only stealing the strength of others. I mean I know you didn't mean to insult anyone, but I just get a really bad vibe from calling financial traders "the strong."

And as for what the government should do, you might as well say that serial killers should spend their time petting kittens instead. You're begging the question, "Why are there strong people we need to be protected from in the first place?" (because it's one of the primary jobs of government?)

Maybe I'm full of it. But it just seems fundamentally absurd, and blaming the victim to be all "Oh no, how did we ever decide to make the government protect rich people, how could we have been such bad people who are failures?" I ain't at fault that the government's corrupt, because it's impossible for government not to be corrupt in the presence of a massive wealth disparity. Telling yourself you "should" fix it is just wallowing in guilt, and focusing on the wrong problem.
Woozle Hypertwin
Cy: I think you're using a different definition of "strong" than I was/am. Perhaps "powerful" gets my point across better? ...as in "One of the primary jobs of government is (or should be) to protect the disempowered from the powerful."

When I say "should", I'm talking about goals for redesigning how it works, not guilting anyone.

We agree about wealth disparity being the root of the problem.

Woozle Hypertwin
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In an article entitled The Golden Age of Hollywood Tax Avoidance[1], Bloomberg gives away only the first and most obvious layer of the con they're playing in the subtitle "Do you really think Bing Crosby and Bob Hope paid 90 percent of their income to the taxman?"

Uh, no, because (for the zillionth time, and as very ably pointed out by AOC), a marginal tax rate is not an overall tax rate.

For those who actually go on to read the article, it does go on to correctly[2] calculate that the tax on $1 million of taxable income would have been over $800k, or >80% overall (it's actually $858k, or 85.8% overall).

$ bracket % rate amount taxed bracket tax amount total tax amount
$200k+           91% $800k $728k   $728k
$150k - $200k 90% $50k   $45k     $773k
$100k - $150k 89% $50k   $44.5k $817.5k
$90k - $100k   87% $10k   $8.7k   $826.2k
$80k - $90k     84% $10k   $8.4k   $834.6k
$70k - $80k     81% $10k   $8.1k   $842.7k
$60k - $70k     78% $10k   $7.8k   $850.5k
$50k - $60k     75% $10k   $7.5k   $858k    
It then goes on to present a series of other bad arguments against raising the marginal rate... but let me summarize:

1. "Do you really think Bing Crosby and Bob Hope paid 90 percent of their income to the taxman?
The implied claim, that nobody was actually paying 90% tax on their income, is irrelevant. (Nobody who was informed actually thought this; it's not new information.)
2. "Myself, I had a hard time believing that wealthy people in the 1950s had a different attitude toward the taxman than wealthy people do today. And guess what? I was right. <..> the top 0.01 percent in the 1950s paid <...only> 45 percent of their income in taxes"
This is another straw-man, corollary of the first; nobody is arguing that the rich will ever pay their full tax rate. They certainly don't now; the top marginal tax rate for 2013 is 39.6% -- lower than the effective tax rate at which the article scoffed.
[*= 3. "When Bing Crosby won’t give a concert, it’s safe to say that the marginal tax rate is too high." ] ...no it isn't? He was still giving concerts, but for free, and was still making more money than most of us will ever see (he had "to live on a mere <..> half a million in today’s money"). What's ironic is that this directly contradicts half of claim #1, the implication that Bing Crosby wasn't actually paying that much in taxes.

The bulk of the article lists a number of tax loopholes performers have used -- some reasonable, most less so; if anything, the article is a reasonable argument in favor of eliminating tax loopholes, but it is not an argument against raising the marginal tax rate.

Sadly, many people will no doubt be left with the impression that it is.

1. ...but which won't let Hubzilla fetch a preview because it might be a bot
2. ...assuming they've got the various margins and rates correct

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Paging all TERFs -- please remind us again who is in danger when trans women use female restrooms?

Two women charged with groping transgender patron at downtown Raleigh bar in December


(The answer to the post-title question is, of course, a resounding NO.)

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@Harena said something in a chat about being too ADD to be able to focus on paperwork like wills and so forth, and this popped into my head.

~~ ADD Last Will and Testament ~~
I, [ your name here ], being of sound mind and body most days but then there was last week where I was just totally out to lunch and I had this like sore-throat-sinus thing and I went looking for some vitamin C but couldn't find it and ended up cleaning the entire kitchen which of course just made me sicker so I went and lay down and had this superweird dream about, like, a telescope on the moon for looking at people on earth and somehow it could see into people's heads but only at night, and half the dream was about other people's dreams. ...what were you asking, again?
~~ END ~~
 ADD  humor
 from Diaspora
One day, perhaps, a court will rule that requirements of people to handle complicated paperwork can amount discrimination against people with ADHD.

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I've been trying for the last 30-60 minutes to fix the SSL cert on toot.cat and it's not cooperating, and now I have to go out for 2-3 hours so it's just going to have to be stuck that way for now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I've fixed this problem before but was so tired at the end that I didn't make notes on exactly what I did (possibly I couldn't remember exactly).

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Woozle HypertwinWoozle Hypertwin wrote the following post Sun, 18 Nov 2018 10:57:28 -0500
HubCat (https://hub.toot.cat) has been upgraded to 3.8.4, thanks to @kity 🎉 :scipio: :battery_full: :blobcatheart:

#tootcat #hubcat #hubzilla

(I would have posted this here first, but ash doesn't have a Hubzilla account for me to highlight.)
phani (Hubzilla)
i have a similar setup, using ghost as blog and discourse for comments. i'm planning to move all that to hubzilla. but i can see that's not an option for you, not at this time. and i'll wait for the next big step, the upgrade to zot6, with doing anything serious. (not that there IS anything serious on my blog as of now.)
Mario Vavti
You should probably upgrade to 3.8.5 which was released today grinning cat face with smiling eyes
Isaac Ji Kuo
The more I think about a universal blog+comment crossposter, the more I'm liking the idea. I wouldn't have to get deep into the protocols of any site - just scraping web data and automatic the entry of posts and comments. Local storage could be a simple SQLite3 database, which could then be independently accessed by the post/comment editor as well as the automation modules (one module for each site). Hmm...

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Students For Trump on Twitter
“Today Democrats are calling to abolish ICE. Tomorrow, they will be calling to abolish the police. Soon, they will be calling to abolish the military. Let’s defeat them in November.”

This is counterfactual -- the Democrats profit too much from the war machine to ever follow their principles and do the right thing.

Why does anyone think we need a military, much less the ridiculously huge Cadillac military we do have? Our government has already been captured by any evil forces we might want to defend ourselves against.

(Tweet dated 2018-06-30, found via a meme posted on Discord)
Woozle Hypertwin
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Janet LoganJanet Logan wrote the following post Sat, 10 Nov 2018 09:27:55 -0500

Florida Senate race: Trump’s “Election Fraud” claims are baseless - Vox

Trump’s comments expose Republican “voter fraud” claims for what they really are.
President Donald Trump is now claiming, without evidence, that Democrats are carrying out widespread voter fraud to steal the US Senate election in Florida between Republican Rick Scott and Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson.

#politics #trumpistan #votingrights #morelies

This seemed worth resharing just for the voter-fraud myth debunking link left in a comment: https://www.brennancenter.org/analysis/debunking-voter-fraud-myth

Voter fraud is a myth popularized by the Right as an excuse for laws that make it harder for everyone to vote.

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@Harena Atria found an email I sent her on August 14, 2001. I don't know what this is quoted from, but Google can't find a source. Maybe I transcribed it from print? Bad past!me, not attributing sources!

Found this while obsessively cruising links -- may apply to things beyond gender:
There's another example of this concept that's totally unrelated to any gender issues, but that was, at one time, treated as a "mental disorder" of sorts. During the '50s and even into the '60s, many grade schools had a program wherein left-handed children were forced to function as right-handed.

This was "for their own good, since it's a right-handed world". Left-handed children were forced to write right-handed by such means as taping a pencil in their right hand and tying their left hand behind them. You may be old enough to remember such things, or even to have witnessed it or (God forbid) had it done to you.

Eventually, psychologists/psychiatrists figured out that this wasn't changing left-handed people into right-handed people, it was simply creating alot of very screwed-up left-handed people. Essentially, the message sent to those left-handed children was "You were born with a right hand, so you're going to use it like every other normal right-handed person, and you're going to enjoy it!"

I don't mean to sound crude, but to me, this seems alot like, "You were born with male genitalia, so you're going to use it like every other normal male person, and you're going to enjoy it!" Evidently, it sounds that way to the medical/psychological community as well. Which is why they are no longer trying to fix something that "ain't broke."

Ironically, I think I must be relatively ambidextrous -- cuz I'm pretty sure if I'd had my right hand taped behind my back, I could've learned to write left-handed about as well as I actually do right-handed. (Too bad gender-switching isn't as easy as switching hands.)
 from ActivityPub
tfw you don't know whether or not to boost something that you kind of wanted to boost -- because it came through without some crucial formatting that makes it clear what's being quoted.

See replied toot for the Masto version, but the more readable version is here: https://hub.toot.cat/channel/woozle/?f=&mid=80d1f72ae00bf0af446d7532c82c6b3d8c881a748a6e897e43a3d641092a616c@hub.toot.cat

Short version: @Harena found an interesting analogy about gender that I'd emailed her in 2001.
Woozle Hypertwin
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"Oh hey, another person on Hubzilla rather than Diaspora. Cool!"
(a few seconds go by)
"Oh! They're on my Huzilla instance! COOL!"

I need to do a better job of welcoming new users. >.>
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Dean BarnettDean Barnett wrote the following post Wed, 07 Nov 2018 16:26:08 -0500

smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Woozle Hypertwin
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If you put the entire content of your message in the images, I'm not going to see them. I have remote image-load turned off, and I'm not going to turn it on because I know you track people that way.

Sure, tracking is useful to know who has read your message -- but you have to earn that right by convincing me that you're a good company who isn't going to deliberately misuse that information. Most companies aren't.

Also, I just prefer the information to be in text anyway. Tell me what it is you want me to do, and why I should want to do it; don't try to lure me with bright colors.

I guess this makes me atypical and probably not who you're marketing to anyway.

But still. Put your message in text, or (at least) in attched images, or I won't see it.
 from Diaspora
I don't think I have ever seen a legitimate vendor using an image for the whole post, as contrary to just adding pictures of the items they're hyping this time.
Woozle Hypertwin
Not so much {a single image for the whole post} as {only images for the stuff they're trying to promote, and all the surrounding text is boilerplate rather than promotion-specific}.
Harena Atria
I've seen yarn vendors do this too & it makes me go "Arrrrrrgh!"

I mean, I get that images are somewhat necessary for the luring the unwarydisplay of their wares, but let me know what the actual thing you are trying to tell me is on sale first or I'm just not going to be arsed ;p

Isaac Ji Kuo
@Woozle Hypertwin I've got a question about hub.toot.cat - what are your intentions when it comes to continued maintenance of hub.toot.cat (and other servers on this droplet)? I've been thinking, and it makes more sense for me to pool financial and time resources with someone else than just do the self-reliance thing with my own server.

So, I'd rather share in the costs and sysadmin effort on hub.toot.cat rather than just go it alone, myself. That only makes sense if your intentions are to keep hub.toot.cat around for years.

I'm still going to try installing hubzilla on one of my Microsoft Azure Ubuntu VMs, isaackuo.centralus.cloudapp.azure.com, as a backup where we can "clone" our stuff. However, this VM is really wimpy in specs, and it's attached to my MSDN account which I may not keep long term, necessarily. As such, this is really just a backup.


Oh, and thanks again for spinning up hub.toot.cat!

@Woozle Hypertwin
Woozle Hypertwin
Thanks for your message!

Yes, my plan is to keep all public *.toot.cat projects running for the long term (that includes Hubzilla, the flagship Mastodon instance at toot.cat, and the wiki at mew.toot.cat). I've had several projects running live continuously since 2005 including Issuepedia and HTYP, and I consider TootCat to be similarly worth maintaining.

The droplet on which it runs currently costs $40/month and also hosts quite a few other domains, of which the most resource-heavy is Issuepedia. There's also an attached 120 GB volume costing $12/mo -- Hubzilla doesn't currently use it, but if HZ's file storage starts to get large, that could change. (it's currently used only for a NextCloud instance at cloud.vbz.net.) The droplet is backed up nightly to a home server, but there is currently no alert system in case the backup fails for some reason.

Please let me know your thoughts on how to proceed.

(re mail: I'm fine with having this discussion in public -- maybe it will interest others! -- but for future reference, private messaging seems to be here, or in the hamburger menu under "Mail". Although it looks a bit like an email interface, it only works for fediverse addresses, not email addresses.)
Isaac Ji Kuo
Thanks! I'm going to start posting my "permanent blog" stuff only on hub . toot . cat, rather than duplicating the posts on pluspora. Pretty low volume posting, but it could still load the pod more heavily simply because I anticipate connecting with a lot more followers (thus, more traffic due to their posts being pulled in to hub. toot . cat).

I don't know how much I'll contribute financially; probably not 50% of $52/mo, though.

How does the backup process work? Is it a VM image, or a file tree structure that can be incrementally backed up via rsync? If it's incremental, I could do another backup to my main home server. If it's a huge download of an entire image, though, it may be too much for my ISP service's bandwidth limits.

Anyway, I'll have to think about the financial contribution side.
Woozle Hypertwin
The backup is currently just rsync of the /etc, /home, /root, and /var folders. This is suboptimal for backing up the databases (in /var), as it can catch the files in an intermediate/broken state (usually recoverable but no guarantee) -- setting up proper database backups on the server (which would then be backed up remotely by rsync) is on my (rather long) to-do list.

Any amount you feel you can chip in would be welcome; the site will carry on regardless :-)

Woozle Hypertwin
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feel free to distribute

Text is:
Vote Republican Nov. 6

(It's supposed to be ironic.)

Also available for resharing on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Woozalia/status/1055871861249241089

Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  

What mystifies me is how they can still use that slogan now -- or even how anyone with enough money to pay for an advertising campaign like this can think that reminding people about "draining the swamp" will put Republicans in a positive light.

It's as if they live in an entirely different universe.

Maybe it's just trolling non-right-wingers? Trying to make sure we're angry enough to go vote, despite the obstacles many of us face? That seems plausible. I wish I'd been able to get a close enough shot to read the rest of the text; it seems to say something about who paid for the signs.

I saw a similar sign today on 15-501 Boulevard near I-40. It said "LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! VOTE CONSERVATIVE / REPUBLICAN", something like that.

...and, like, those guys have done nothing but let their voices be heard. We know full well all the absurd, fatuous, oblivious, harmful, and grossly inaccurate things they believe about reality. What else can they possibly do to make it any clearer how completely disconnected they are from any form of compassion or sensibility?

I'm sure someone will think of something for them to try.

(The full-size photo is here and you can see other photos from our Asheville trip here.)

Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  last edited: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 18:18:03 -0400  

It says "Debruhl for Sheriff / paid for by Christ".

...because Jesus was totally all about using money to influence politics. (...or maybe the sign is referring to Jesus's half-brother, Thurston Christ-Howell III.) Anyway, he seems nice.

(The full-size photo is here and you can see other photos from our Asheville trip here.)

Woozle Hypertwin
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Woozle HypertwinWoozle Hypertwin wrote the following post Sat, 20 Oct 2018 10:57:11 -0400
Someone on G+ shared this:


It's kind of the joinmastodon.com or joindiaspora.com of the Fediverse, from what I can tell, but maybe a bit more informative.

I love the way I saw the entire interaction (me posting this, someone replying) here on Hubzilla, as a post with a comment, even though the entire thing took place on Mastodon.

(It's alive! Its alive!!!)
Woozle Hypertwin
The "fediverse" is all the different social network software that can interconnect via open protocols. The post to which you are responding here on Hubzilla is in fact reboosted from Mastodon, where a fellow Mastodonian also commented on it.

The fediverse.info page is kind of a guide to each of those different types of software and how well they connect with each other.
 from Diaspora
Okay, that's cool. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something about the https://fediverse.party/ page (like maybe some sort of pop-up chat windows or something).

In any case, this comment is being made on a diaspora pod, using a diaspora account. I expect that this comment will not be visible to Mastadon users, and vice versa. So... shrug... someday Mastodon and diaspora will federate...
Woozle Hypertwin
Comments on boosts don't seem to propagate back through, but I've seen Hubzilla comments on Mastodon posts propagate back through to Mastodon.