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I just thought of a new way to explain the key features of my Coagitate (fka InstaGov) project:
a power-structure that is resistant to accumulations of power within itself while still being capable of collecting and exercising power within the larger system in which it is operating
The problem is that power will always tend to accumulate somewhere, and we need to be able to prevent or contain that.

Existing democratic systems don't act quickly enough to dissolve internal power-structures without becoming ineffectual at governing. Since technology creates power, we need to also be using technology to fight that tendency, to create a power-structure that is internally egalitarian, or the power-concentraters will win (as they have been doing more and more lately).

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I'm searching for a file on an sftp connection in Caja, and this is what I get:


Problems include:
  • no indication of progress (folder currently being checked? number of folders checked? % done? anything?)
  • no indication that search is, in fact, still in progress except for the mouse pointer being a spinny thing (not shown) and another spinny thing on the right side of the icon bar (which I had never noticed before)
  • searching remote volumes often seems to hang, in any case (might just be taking a long time, but who can tell with no status indicator?)
  • less critical, but still: not even an indication of what the root folder is that's being searched (did I get confused and enter the wrong one? did I successfully communicate my intentions to Caja?)
Also, is this brief summary really the only documentation? Surely there's a git repository somewhere? (If there is any other documentation, why doesn't that page link to it?)

That said, I like Caja best of all the Linux file managers I've used so far (Dolphin, Thunar, Nautilus), and these problems are bizarrely common across all of them.

Woozle Hypertwin
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(Do Hubzilla titles show up in Diaspora and other places? This post is titled "latest Hubzila wish-list")
  • a "mention" option in the user-avatar drop-down menu
  • a "mention" typeahead dropdown (i.e. I start typing the syntax for a mention, which I can never remember, and it pops up with a list of usernames of anyone participating in the current thread, perhaps augmented by my connections list -- or using that instead if I'm typing a post)
  • when I reshare a post, does the author see that? what if they're on Diaspora?
  • (better connection directory, but at the moment I can't remember exactly what I wanted)
  • paste-image-to-upload, like in Discord
  • image resizing, like in MediaWiki
  • upload-image-from-URL, like in MediaWiki
  • upload-image-while-editing, like in Mastodon

Some of these things may have been fixed in the latest version (how can I set up a stream that only shows version announcements?) to which I will upgrade as soon as I have time.
Douglas Senko
 from Diaspora
Is there a Hubzilla Santa?
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
@Woozle Hypertwin

1. Not yet.
2. For years - type @ and some letters and wait, select person to @-tag from list.
3. Yes. Diaspora - I have no idea.
4. Directory is pretty good, search hampered by privacy conscious crowd, i.e. people keep their public profiles clean and private profiles extensive. Auto-suggestion is available, but hampered by your public profile, i.e. if you do not share anything about you there is very little to match up with, see previous issue about privacy conscious crowd. Add Directory app to navbar or menu for easy access.
5. We have drag-n-drop and embed from album, but not paste (I think).
6. Images are autoresized into three often used sizes, i.e. really scaled to width × height, decreasing file size. Are you thinking of visually dragging and shrinking the appearing size? Sorry for the wording, I hope you get it.
7. Not yet? However, have you tried our WebDAV?
8. Not yet? Personally, I like to see how images appear, but I think I get your drift. Parallell processes, photo uploads while you keep on typing.
Woozle Hypertwin
Thanks for your detailed response, @Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)!

#2 doesn't seem to be working consistently... it worked for the IDs of everyone in this thread, and pulls up a long list of matching IDs when I type @els or @dou, but nothing happens for some users... oh! it looks like you have to type at least 3 characters? That's important to know.

#4: I think I was actually thinking about the Connections page, and I think my main gripe there was answered by discovery of the drop-down menu on each user's avatar... which itself could use "edit connection" and "mention" options.

#6: I'm thinking of markup syntax to size and position the image, as in MediaWiki. It looks like you actually do have sizing implemented in the [zrl] tag, though this is not mentioned in the documentation:

This does not, however, seem to generate an actual resized copy of the image as MediaWiki does but just uses HTML resizing. It's also unclear if there is a way to align them. MW-style framing/captions would also be nice, as I use that feature a lot.

#7: yes, I wasn't able to figure out how to work that. A brief search for "hubzilla WebDAV" suggests that the instructions are on project.hubzilla.org, which currently returns an invalid certificate and uses HSTS so browsers won't connect insecurely.

#8: I do as well, but that's what preview is for (one of Hubzilla's major strengths!)

Another wish-list item:
9. A way to find an off-site (especially non-Hubzilla, e.g. Diaspora or ActivityPub) post on my local instance, so I can interact with it if all I have is the link to that source (rather than it showing up in my feed). Would also be nice to be able to get a local URL from a post that is in my feed.

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"Housing Markets Should Be More Like Supermarkets"  argues for "liberalizing development regulations" in order to promote housing affordability, but doesn't suggest any means for accomplishing this – and doesn't even seem to recognize that there are reasons why the regulations came to be the way they are.

The author correctly sees elitist zoning ordinances as a large part of the problem of housing unaffordability but fails to note the systemic problem of how the elite are incentivized to create exclusionary zoning rules by the simple fact that it is legal to buy and sell land and livable building space – considering only ability to pay while completely ignoring need, and prioritizing private profit over community sustainability – thus creating runaway price-feedback loops in wealth-creating high-density areas and driving housing out of reach an ever-expanding lower economic tier of humanity.

If housing markets had delivered what the free-marketists are always promising – a reasonably equitable allocation of resources without the concentration of power implied by the obvious alternative – then it would represent the effective coexistence of those two priorities.

Unfortunately, it has become quite clear that housing markets are absolutely abysmal at allocating resources fairly -- and allowing people to own homes and other buildings when there are other people who need to use them but are not (under a capitalist housing ownership system) allowed to do so is basically saying that we prioritize wealth-concentration over basic human needs...

...which of course is right-wing philosophy in a nutshell: it's a dog-eat-dog world; if you're not succeeding it must be your fault and you need to try harder and be more competitive; helping people who are doing poorly is bad for the species -- totally forgetting that this attitude can only survive by preying on the wealth created by millennia of civilization that proves the exact opposite: We only thrive because we help each other.

The idea of buying and selling housing has had its chance, and we've seen where it leads.

Photo: it should be noted that supermarkets thrive in large part because of food safety regulations, business regulations, financial regulations, and other legal measures that make it reasonably safe to walk into a store you've never heard of, buy some food, and eat it.
In many areas of modern life, the market provides a cornucopia of choices to accommodate people’s diverse needs, wants, and tastes: just visit a supermarket to see this. When it comes to housing options, though, the reality is starkly different.

(link via Thunkii on Discord)
David Lazarus
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@Woozle Hypertwin - Maybe the reality with co-ops is better than the hypothetical.
Woozle Hypertwin
In this case, the hypothetical is specifically including some design elements that I'd call sub-optimal for the design goals under discussion, so... yes. ^.^
David Lazarus
 from Diaspora
@Woozle Hypertwin


Gotta love the Capitalist approach to a more Socialist philosophy.
Woozle Hypertwin
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Katherine BondKatherine Bond wrote the following post Sat, 13 Apr 2019 17:09:14 -0400

via @Dig
 meme  humor  cats
Woozle Hypertwin
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Apparently the Democratic Party has taken another step towards the Dark Side.

In case you haven’t heard, the DCCC – the arm of the Democratic Party that works to elect members of the House – recently introduced a policy restricting its vendors from working with any candidate challenging a Democratic incumbent. In other words, no...

There is no good reason to do this, but apparently the Democratic leadership feels that the only way to beat the enemy is to become them. >.<
Woozle Hypertwin
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Woozle HypertwinWoozle Hypertwin wrote the following post Fri, 12 Apr 2019 17:09:35 -0400
...hhheyyy, what are YOU doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in Congress or the White House or something??


...or possibly you have a shareholders' meeting to attend? Some ABA Therapy to administer?
Douglas Senko
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Hey...yer back! Nice to see you again.
Woozle Hypertwin
A lot of G+ folks seem to have migrated to the fediverse, at long last. It took Google shooting itself in the foot to make it happen, but I'll take it! :D
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@emsenn@tenforward.social @Hypolite Petovan “your house is unsafe > live in the street > you['re] not allowed to build a structure > go to jail > live in a structure that’s uncomfortable and costs tax payers much more then it would to build you a fucking house” this system is great!
˗ˏˋ Liaizon Wakest ˎˊ˗ (@liaizon@wake.st)

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I mentioned the the VBZ Manifesto on Mastodon a few days ago, and someone offered to help with it, so I thought I should try to summarize the current situation and needs.

Unfortunately, this quickly got over 500 characters... and then two toots wasn't enough... so I thought I should explain here on Hubzilla instead.

Overall I've been kinda fighting software fires on multiple fronts for way too long now and only having tiny snippets of time in which to make progress -- so the main problem is my lack of ability to organize my life. >.>

My current mid-range goal is to get the vbz.net store back in operation. The code is original and open source (some documentation); I'm currently fixing the shopping cart component, which has been a chronic sticky point. If anyone out there had the time and energy to delve into some fairly complex PHP code, I'd be happy to work with them on that.

(Bragging point: it uses no JavaScript, and is consequently really fast. ...well, ok, there's one page that uses JS, for a topic tree. But that's all.)

After that there's some legal paperwork (mostly reincorporation) to do and development of the marketplace and federation modules.

I do know a few coders who would be interested in helping, but they're struggling with money issues which makes it difficult to focus on coding for any length of time. Income for them would help with this, and I expect the store will eventually start bringing in some income which I could then use to pay coders, but obviously that's kind of a Catch-22. Financially I'm in a situation where I have almost enough to live on, but consequently I can't really afford to pay anyone more than a pittance (and just managing that situation takes a lot of my time as well).

More immediately: Right now I'm engaged in mortal combat with Apache, which refuses to run PHP 7.2 on one domain while running it just fine for another domain on the same server. You'd think that copying over the site parameters would solve the problem, but no -- that just makes Apache deliver PHP code as text files instead. This has taken down one of my other major projects, Issuepedia, so it's kind of my top focus item at the moment (I've been trying to fix it for weeks now, off and on).

There are lots of other projects on the back-burner which I can't even start on until this is resolved, so just... aaaaaa.

Please feel free to ask questions, offer ideas, etc. ^.^

(pic below: open orders page in vbz's admin area)

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The implicit claim that "you have to go read and understand this thing that proves you wrong, or else I win by default" came up in a comment on another post recently. Since I took the time to format this for Hubzilla, I thought I should repost it here.

No, I do not have time to do your thinking for you or argue your case for you.

If you have made a claim that goes against my understanding, and I have asked you for evidence to support it, the burden of proof is on you to explain it, at least in summary – and not on me to go "educate" myself by taking the time to read some essay or watch some video, sifting through it for the argument and evidence that support your position, and summarizing it for you so that we may continue the discussion.

If you have a point to make, make it. Otherwise, I shall have to assume that you don't actually have one. Any of the following are far more likely:
  • you misremembered something you read or heard
  • you misunderstood something you read or heard
  • you were given unreliable information by someone else
  • you came across a nonsense argument that seems to support your position, but doesn't
There's also the strong likelihood that even if I did read or view what you wanted me to read or view, I would find the whole thing to be nonsense and might not recognize the particular part that you believe legitimately supports your position. Therefore you need to be the one to identify that piece and restate it in your own words, in a way that responds to the matter currently under discussion.

Thank you.
 from Diaspora
HEY ..

sorry ... just excited to find you here ...


Woozle Hypertwin
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Personally, I find many of them so awful that they simply have to be working for Russia, trying to provoke hate for both Hillary and Bernie.

Also: that guy "Joseph Teller"... I do not believe him to be arguing in good faith.

ThomThom wrote the following post Wed, 13 Mar 2019 19:00:59 -0400

"Former Hillary Clinton aides want the American public to know that they’re still mad about Bernie Sanders."

My thoughts and comments made in Diaspora conversations about this article

My comments made at post by @Paul Ferguson

I think Clinton could have been a good candidate. But some things would have needed to have happen:
  • Her staff and party big shots would have had to allow the primaries to be run fairly. If she won fair and square without the perception of a fix - it would have been a great place to start.
  • Had her campaign surrogates not been cynical assholes that trusted paid consultants (that get paid no matter who wins or loses) more than activists working the ground game state to state - they would have known they were in trouble in Wisconsin and the other states in their so called firewall - and they could have made necessary changes re: get out the vote.
  • Had her campaign not decided that they didn’t need grassroots progressive Democrats in their camp and had they not openly mocked progressives as children that didn’t know how politics worked - she might have actually won.
Obama won with a big tent. But let’s recap the past decades since Bill Clinton’s time in office.
  • Gore ignored the progressive Democrats and let the presidency be stolen from him by the GOP hustle and con.
  • Kerry ran a similar campaign to Gore’s - seeming to have learned nothing.
  • Obama flipped the script and followed his community organizer’s instincts and won with numbers that GOP suppression and grift couldn’t stop.
  • Then, HRC goes back to the tired old losing strategy that corporate Democrats seem to love.
It really seems to me that these corporate Democrats would rather lose the election than work with progressives.
Most of the progressive Democrats I know are grown adults with a very clear understanding of how our political system works and stil, we are asking our party do better. And we actually expect them to have a big tent and to include us in the decision making process.

They ignore us at their peril. 2018 should be the play book. We won so many seats stepping left towards the progressive end.
My comments made at a re-post by @Valkyrie

@Joseph Teller The problems I find with your comment are as follows:
  • I don't believe your numbers - I've read a lot of analysis and your numbers do not jive with the takeaways I've had being knee deep in 538 et cetera.
  • Re: Bernie supporters as republicans just to stab at Clinton - I'd like to see a source supporting this speculation - I'm guessing the number straddles zero when the margin of error is accounted for. No numbers, then I'm going to categorize it as biased assumption.
Which is fine, I just don't put any value in your line of thinking without evidence.
That spoiler troupe tarring progressives is so tired and it has been wrung to death since Gore's loss. Establishment Democrats shit on progressives and then lose elections and then blame the people they shit on for their losses.

Pro-tip - fascism is orders of magnitude more dangerous than corporate democrats AND young &/or zealous progressive neophytes.

Obama’s team understood this. They reach out to progressives - put up the biggest Democratic Party tent in decades and win epically. Go figure. Maybe establishment Dems should wake the fuck up and realize that coalitions and big tents have always been what wins elections in a 2 party system.

Maybe follow the example of Obama’s team. It’d be nice to win a presidential election at least one more time before the demise of our republic.

Instead we have cult of HRC assholes crying and sniping about "Bernie's not a real democrat" (he ran in the democratic primaries, he carcasses with the Democrats - in function, he's a fucking Democrat, even if he doesn’t run for office in Vermont as a Dem [for local/state reasons] - he’s definitely more of a Democrat than that asshole congressman in West Virginia.)

Not that some of the Bernie supporters (male, female and trans) are helping matters - having purity tests of their own with the ridiculous "Bernie or bust" mentality. Or the shit-brained idea that there is no difference in terms of political reality between the GOP and corporate Democrats.
Winning elections is about sharing power, cooperation and organizing the fuck out of our people. Categorically and arrogantly insulting whole tribes of people with-in your political party and party adjacent sympathizer groups is fucking stupid and the mindset of people that love losing.

I don't know about you, but I believe we can win, I want us to fucking win and winners don't bitterly hold grudges against team mates. We have to smarten the fuck up. Goddammit. I'm so sick of the motherfucking liberal/left sniping.

Winners fucking own their mistakes. Winners dispassionately watch the game tapes and accept honest criticism instead of looking to pin the blame on the people riding the bench.

The truth is, Clinton lost because her people made tragic mistakes - some born out of arrogance and hubris, some out of a lack of imagination. But the blame isn't 100% on her team. Russian subversion of our electoral process and systemic cheating and fraud on the part of the GOP is also largely to blame.
It is my belief that had HRC's team embraced leftist in the party (rather than antagonized and infantilized them) allies not exactly card carrying Democrats but otherwise more politically aligned with the Dems than with the fascist party of the GOP - I believe Clinton could have turned out the vote in great enough numbers to overcome the GOP gerrymandering, nationwide large scale voter suppression efforts and the Russian subversion of the election - nearing an election night landslide. Hell, had she listened to her people on the ground in Michigan and other "firewall states" lost, she might have won in a nail biter.

Mature and intelligent people understand that neophytes are always impatient with the status quo and rather than see them as a threat, we need to harness that energy and give them, if not a seat, at least into the room. Ambition and engagement may be more of a hassle to deal with but it is so much more effective than apathy and disenfranchisement.

The right has a motivated impassioned (dare I say inflamed) base - it is fueled by fear, hate and ignorant bigotry. Without progressives, Democrats do not have that dynamo of enthusiasm necessary to get out the vote in every district of every state.

6-figure salaried political consultants that get paid no matter who wins are not going to win elections alone. Elections are won by heart and soul, but heroic efforts of everyday people on the ground being a living part of our democracy.

There is nothing more fucking stupid than to blame voters and potential voters for our loses. To feel entitled to anyone’s vote is a loser's attitude. We have to earn every fucking single vote.

To belittle voters and potential voters is a rich kid boss mentality. Being assholes to people we need at the polls is beyond moronic. The people are the true boss - not party leadership. Don't get it fucking twisted.
If we want to win - might I suggest we stop feeding the "Bernie was a spoiler" myth. You'll just alienate progressives - people that might do more than just go vote Democratic on election day. People that'll go vote, that'll canvas neighborhoods, that'll get excited and talk up our candidate at church, at the grocery store, on the job, during sex, during school - stoked people are infectious, man.

I volunteered for Obama's 1st campaign even though he wasn't my favorite policy-wise. I drove around TN with Obama bumper stickers and had my car vandalized. I was stoked.

I would have volunteered for HRC's campaign but her staff were being fucking cocks to progressives from the start of the primaries. The whole "grow up" attitude demoralized me and my attention was diverted to the mundane chores of being a contributor to family life and a full time worker.

Obama's people had me stoked and I was excited. They made up campaign stickers and handouts for all kinds of people, Truck drivers for Obama, Reformed crypto-anarchist time travelers for Obama, Federalist for Obama - they were reaching out to anyone that wanted to get aboard the Obama train. I did stuff during my lunch break and ate in my car omw back to work. When we’re excited, we make sacrifices.

As someone with ADHD - shit like enthusiasm isn't a choice - it's a biological reality that can determine whether I do something or not (please don’t ask me how late my taxes are.) I'm sure the same dynamic works similarly for neurotypicals, though maybe a little less intensely. People do what they are motivated to do. Lecturing them about how terrible they will be if they don't vote the way some party boss tells them to vote is a fucking idiotic way to motivate people. Shame is literally one of the dumbest motivators. But, if we want to lose elections, I can’t think of a better strategy.

Excited people with enthusiasm win elections. Period.

For the record nearly every single Bernie supporter I know voted for HRC. In the primary, I voted for Bernie. In the election, I voted for Hillary Clinton even though I live in TN and it is RED as fuck and my presidential vote is statistically a wasted vote no matter who I vote for.

@Valkyrie - exactly. Another fun fact, some progressives are never going to vote for Democrats, and no progressive is ever going to vote for right wing fascists. Further poking holes in the Bernie progressives were spoilers myth.

 from Diaspora
@Woozle Hypertwin - I don't believe he is, either. Which is why I chose to ignore him after my initial response.

Woozle Hypertwin
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Google today announced that an exhaustive analysis of metrics collected over decades of internet usage have demonstrated conclusively that social media users respond positively to simplification of the user interface, and generally find features to be confusing and distracting.

Consequently, they will be removing the following features from Google+ on April 2:
  • "Communities"
  • "Circles"
  • post searching
  • post reading
  • posting
  • displaying of any sort of "content"
When asked if this wasn't taking things too far, Google+ engineers noted the popularity of a theoretically infinite number of other "featureless social media" sites. "You don't hear people complaining about sqrzggklfku.com, do you? That's because they don't have a "registered domain" feature, upon which rests the ability to navigate to their site with a web browser -- resulting in the fundamental beauty of simply not having a site in the first place."

This act does answer long-standing questions about the ethics of Google's questionable practices with regard to social media -- the unfortunate (and ultimately discarded) "Real Names" policy being perhaps the most significant, having driven away many of the most interesting early-adopters of Google+ who were long used to the common internet practice of having a recognized "user handle" that might have little or nothing to do with the user's legal name. Supporters of this policy often argued that "it's Google's sandbox, they can do what they want with it."

It would seem that ultimately, they decided to take their sandbox and go home.

Crossposted from: Google+
xD this is hilarious! thx
Google+ picked as new GNOME social network.
Woozle Hypertwin
I almost get that...

Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
I gather there's a way in Hubzilla to set up the equivalent of Google+ Communities. Does anyone know of a how-to guide for that? I have some vague idea that it involves setting up another profile for the community, but I'm not at all sure of the details.

Thanks in advance!
Gregory P. Smith
 from Diaspora
Public communities on Diaspora seem centered around #hashtags and following those in order to follow "the" community.

Really not the same, but does work for order to form out of chaos as it did on Flickr and Twitter where tags really seemed to take off last decade.
Select Channel Manager from the top left menu. Click the button to create a new channel. Pick one of the Forum options to make a forum-type channel, and fill out the info.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
@Woozle Hypertwin - your profile menu's channel manager lets you create extra channels, and upon creation you can choose between different forum styles, e.g private and public.

Woozle Hypertwin
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via Valkyrie
ed_hong@pluspora.comed_hong@pluspora.com wrote the following post Sun, 10 Feb 2019 01:47:14 -0500

Freedom Dividends

YANG: Something along those lines. We tested a bunch of names and then when you had the word “freedom” in it, then all of a sudden testing shot up among self-identified conservatives. They hated “universal basic income,” hated “prosperity dividend,” all of a sudden “freedom dividend” is like “ding ding ding!”

DUBNER: What about progressives, liberals, Democrats?

YANG: Progressives, liberals, Democrats liked it no matter what the name was.

Maybe that's what we should do with climate change. Call it something that conservatives can rally behind, as they don't seem to care what the concept behind the name is.

#governance #politics #progressive #economics

 from Diaspora
They'd only go for "climate terrorism" if it means they can bomb brown people for their oil.
Riley Faelan
What, sending TSA agents to examine inbound hurricanes for deadly weapons such as lawn furniture hidden in them is not good enough?
Woozle Hypertwin
...or more than 2.7 ounces of fluid.

Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
Just to reiterate the obvious: we shouldn't be discussing a better way to do something stupid. We should be not doing the stupid thing in the first place. We don't need a frickin' border wall. Will people please stop taking right-wing mob psychology seriously, plzokthx?
Trump's wall: How tech fills the gaps


Camera-laden towers and underground sensors plug the gaps in the existing US-Mexico border fence.
Woozle Hypertwin
 Durham, NC,  
One of the primary jobs of government is (or should be) to protect the weak from the strong.

Government should never protect the strong from the weak.

 from Diaspora
Anyway, sorry for sending this discussion off to the side.

Getting to the main point...

My philosophy is that the government should address needs where addressing them via government is better than addressing them via non-governmental means. The criteria for determining where government is "better" is up for debate and refinement, but that's my overarching principle.

Sometimes, that means the best solution is some sort of universal protection net.

On a more fundamental level, I believe that the society (which includes the government as well as everything else) should serve all, and that does include the wealthy and already privileged.

Right now, the problem is that society has been generally going in the wrong direction on this since Reagan - increasingly increasing the lopsided-ness of serving the wealthy and privileged at the expense of everyone else.
 from Diaspora
People who are strong don't need to exploit others to live. It's insulting that you'd try to equate a filthy rich scam artist with a doctor doing charity work in a third world country. So no, you shouldn't consider them different types of strength. One is strength of character, resolve, and compassion. The other is only stealing the strength of others. I mean I know you didn't mean to insult anyone, but I just get a really bad vibe from calling financial traders "the strong."

And as for what the government should do, you might as well say that serial killers should spend their time petting kittens instead. You're begging the question, "Why are there strong people we need to be protected from in the first place?" (because it's one of the primary jobs of government?)

Maybe I'm full of it. But it just seems fundamentally absurd, and blaming the victim to be all "Oh no, how did we ever decide to make the government protect rich people, how could we have been such bad people who are failures?" I ain't at fault that the government's corrupt, because it's impossible for government not to be corrupt in the presence of a massive wealth disparity. Telling yourself you "should" fix it is just wallowing in guilt, and focusing on the wrong problem.
Woozle Hypertwin
Cy: I think you're using a different definition of "strong" than I was/am. Perhaps "powerful" gets my point across better? ...as in "One of the primary jobs of government is (or should be) to protect the disempowered from the powerful."

When I say "should", I'm talking about goals for redesigning how it works, not guilting anyone.

We agree about wealth disparity being the root of the problem.

Woozle Hypertwin
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In an article entitled The Golden Age of Hollywood Tax Avoidance[1], Bloomberg gives away only the first and most obvious layer of the con they're playing in the subtitle "Do you really think Bing Crosby and Bob Hope paid 90 percent of their income to the taxman?"

Uh, no, because (for the zillionth time, and as very ably pointed out by AOC), a marginal tax rate is not an overall tax rate.

For those who actually go on to read the article, it does go on to correctly[2] calculate that the tax on $1 million of taxable income would have been over $800k, or >80% overall (it's actually $858k, or 85.8% overall).

$ bracket % rate amount taxed bracket tax amount total tax amount
$200k+           91% $800k $728k   $728k
$150k - $200k 90% $50k   $45k     $773k
$100k - $150k 89% $50k   $44.5k $817.5k
$90k - $100k   87% $10k   $8.7k   $826.2k
$80k - $90k     84% $10k   $8.4k   $834.6k
$70k - $80k     81% $10k   $8.1k   $842.7k
$60k - $70k     78% $10k   $7.8k   $850.5k
$50k - $60k     75% $10k   $7.5k   $858k    
It then goes on to present a series of other bad arguments against raising the marginal rate... but let me summarize:

1. "Do you really think Bing Crosby and Bob Hope paid 90 percent of their income to the taxman?
The implied claim, that nobody was actually paying 90% tax on their income, is irrelevant. (Nobody who was informed actually thought this; it's not new information.)
2. "Myself, I had a hard time believing that wealthy people in the 1950s had a different attitude toward the taxman than wealthy people do today. And guess what? I was right. <..> the top 0.01 percent in the 1950s paid <...only> 45 percent of their income in taxes"
This is another straw-man, corollary of the first; nobody is arguing that the rich will ever pay their full tax rate. They certainly don't now; the top marginal tax rate for 2013 is 39.6% -- lower than the effective tax rate at which the article scoffed.
[*= 3. "When Bing Crosby won’t give a concert, it’s safe to say that the marginal tax rate is too high." ] ...no it isn't? He was still giving concerts, but for free, and was still making more money than most of us will ever see (he had "to live on a mere <..> half a million in today’s money"). What's ironic is that this directly contradicts half of claim #1, the implication that Bing Crosby wasn't actually paying that much in taxes.

The bulk of the article lists a number of tax loopholes performers have used -- some reasonable, most less so; if anything, the article is a reasonable argument in favor of eliminating tax loopholes, but it is not an argument against raising the marginal tax rate.

Sadly, many people will no doubt be left with the impression that it is.

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2. ...assuming they've got the various margins and rates correct

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Paging all TERFs -- please remind us again who is in danger when trans women use female restrooms?

Two women charged with groping transgender patron at downtown Raleigh bar in December


(The answer to the post-title question is, of course, a resounding NO.)

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@Harena said something in a chat about being too ADD to be able to focus on paperwork like wills and so forth, and this popped into my head.

~~ ADD Last Will and Testament ~~
I, [ your name here ], being of sound mind and body most days but then there was last week where I was just totally out to lunch and I had this like sore-throat-sinus thing and I went looking for some vitamin C but couldn't find it and ended up cleaning the entire kitchen which of course just made me sicker so I went and lay down and had this superweird dream about, like, a telescope on the moon for looking at people on earth and somehow it could see into people's heads but only at night, and half the dream was about other people's dreams. ...what were you asking, again?
~~ END ~~
 ADD  humor
 from Diaspora
One day, perhaps, a court will rule that requirements of people to handle complicated paperwork can amount discrimination against people with ADHD.

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

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