Stuart Butterworth
 Manchester, UK,  
This week is work experience week - whose bright idea was it to pair up some poor school kid with the gruff, sarcastic, anti-social beardy bloke?
Poor lad must be terrified! :D
Woozle Hypertwin
Try not to eat the kid all at once. (Let 'em enjoy the momentary illusion of being able to survive the workosphere before utterly dashing their hopes.)
Stuart Butterworth
Didn't get a chance to eat him - he went for his dinner and... didn't come back...
It wasn't just me - we had 5 of them in yesterday, working in various departments around the store, and at least 4 of them didn't come back!
(Those 4 were working on the shop floor, so I would see them quite a bit - the other was in Admin, where I had no particular reason to go, so I dunno...)
Stuart Butterworth
Also, I made a big point of telling him "If anyone asks wheat you've learned from this week, make up some BS about learning the value of working for a living, or contributing to society, or some good-little-consumer crap like that - the REAL lesson is never work in a supermarket, and especially THIS one!"