Doctor Who Spoilers Ahoy!

Stuart Butterworth
 Manchester, UK,  last edited: Sat, 01 Jul 2017 03:49:17 -0400  
Tonight is the season finale of Doctor Who, so as usual I have a series of predictions.


(Although with my track record, you can probably rely on this being a list of things that will definitively NOT happen!)
So, after my BSG predictions (the missing Cylon wasn’t a skin-job, but instead was Galactica), Lost (everything that happened on the Island was a figment of Dave’s imagination), The Matrix (Neo was never The One, instead it was Morpheus), and Doctor Who (Okay, I’m partially recycling this one!)
These will all be a bit vague, so they probably won’t mean much to most people, unless they actually happen, in which case everyone will go “Oh yeah…”


A major character has been lying to us this whole time.
2 (Count ‘em, TWO!) regenerations.
“No - not you!”
The return of a Classic Who character, played by the original actor, if only briefly.
“I can’t be here - you’ll understand in a minute.”
The “V” word…
The next season will be the darkest since the Colin Baker days.
We've already encountered the new Doctor at least once - not a bit part, not that actor playing another role, it was definitively the Doctor, and we all missed it.
Unseen footage from one episode will appear in another episode in a couple of seasons time, giving another viewpoint on those events - Capaldi and one companion will get screen credits without actually filming anything...